Things I've built

Follow along as I make stuff, and play with stuff I’ve built

  • deskmx: Never unplug your headphones again. One day I got tired of moving my headphones between different computers on my desk. Now I never have to.
    • Use standard audio mixing equipment to route computer audio to headphones and from mics.
    • Taught me a lot about analog audio signals.
    • Improved my post-COVID quality of life.
  • A project to show how the custom keyboard layout I designed for my ErgoDox-EZ has helped with my RSI.
    • Currently in development preview – works well today, much more to come.
    • An opportunity to improve my web development skills.
    • Built with React, Next.js, Tailwind.
  • FOURGANG (working title). A home cluster project.
    • Work in progress - real site and possible name change coming soon.
    • An experiment testing my theory that digital media professionals (e.g. photographers) can achieve fast enough, large enough, redundant enough storage goals via a single network array.
    • An opportunity to learn a lot about A/C and D/C circuits and improve my soldering.
    • A good use for my experience with Ansible, LizardFS, Docker Swarm, and stateless netbooted operating systems.
  • biblemunger. Automated text replacement jokes with famous literature.
    • I loved the stories in The Toast where Daniel Mallory Ortberg replaced text, like this one. I wanted to make my own.
    • An early lesson in web design (harder than I think it will be, every time).
    • Fun :)

Retired projects

  • remembyte. The original goal was a tool to help remember SSH host key fingerprints; what I ended up with was a research project and starting point for more learning.
  • Caryatid, a plugin for Hashicorp’s Packer