This very website

I live here, online.

Primary goal: permanence

The primary goal of this site is to be my main presence online in the long term. I want my contact information and my writing to be findable here.

I want to avoid components of this site that might require ongoing maintenance. This site stayed up throughout some brutal battles with rsi in part because there was nothing that could go wrong and require me to step in and keep it up.

Other sites I have operate under less severe requirements. For instance, Interpersonal allows me to use this site as login for IndieAuth, and it has server-side logic components. However, if the worst happened and Interpersonal was found to be insecure and need to be taken offline until maintenance could be performed, or the server I’m running its logic on were to go down, my main site would stay up.

For this reason I also don’t host my own mail, though I am tempted to do it sometimes to gain more control. Instead, I use (and endorse) Fastmail.