A Hugo theme for text websites on Onion services

The Onionskin logo

When building Sacred Ground, a shrine to privacy and anonymity on the Tor network, I wrote this simple Hugo theme.

Its source code, along with a readme, is accessible only on Tor, at http://xdhbqaloeg5bid3tzjpllhnxisdguz34xtoc7qegnmh3essuesfdyqid.onion/shrineadmin/hugo-theme-onionskin.

Design goals:

  • Allow inlining everything, including CSS and the favicon, to provide a page in a single request
  • No JavaScript or webfonts, which increase attack surface of your users
  • No external dependencies, including build-time dependencies or code served from CDNs
  • Optional link annotations to indicate whether a given link is on the same page (anchor), a different page on the same site (internal), an external link on the clearnet, or an external link to an onion site.
  • A light and dark color scheme

Here’s a screenshot of emoji link annotations for clearnet, onion, and anchor links, and a custom favicon for internal links, from Sacred Ground