An operating system for powerful management of personal infrastructure

psyopsOS grew out of kubernasty, a Kubernetes cluster I’m building for my home lab.

If I’m being honest with myself, I might say that it is simply more fun to build a custom Linux distribution than it is to configure Kubernetes.

If I’m being generous with myself, I might say that it’s an experiment to make maintenance of a fleet of personal servers easier on a single person.

Experimental goals

  1. OS is small and fully in RAM, and a single image is used for all nodes.
  2. The OS is easy to keep in your head and modify as needed.
  3. Upgrading the OS is easy.
  4. Nodes can boot and configure themselves over the network.
  5. Configuration is kept in source control.
  6. Drift is kept in check because machines do not keep state except for explicitly mounted directories.