Memorize passwords you must not forget


Current status: MindFort is in testing and will be released summer 2023. (Maybe if I put a deadline in here I’ll actually publish it in a timely fashion.)

MindFort is an iOS app to help you memorize the passwords you must not forget.

It’s like flashcards for your passwords, except stored securely with Argon2.

MindFort sends notifications to enter your passwords, and gives you a nice screen when you can remember them.

MindFort is not a password manager. It’s designed to help you remember your passwords, putting itself out of a job (at least until you have to change one of them).

MindFort is designed for passwords that you don’t want to store in your password manager, and may not enter frequently enough to memorize naturally, but which you absolutely must not forget, like:


The first draft of the MindFort onboarding screen