Sacred Ground

A shrine to privacy and anonymity on the Tor network

I made a shrine to privacy and anonymity called Sacred Ground.

The Sacred Ground logo

It has a few components:

πŸ™ As part of the spiritual practice of maintaining the shrine, I perform all work over Tor. πŸ™

The shrine is a guide for someone with something to say, a bit of money, and a willingness to work, who wants to share something with the world anonymously. It includes everything about how I obtained money, obtained email and hosting services, and published the site, all without any link to my real world identity. Of course, the content of both the shrine and this page does establish such a link. This is ok; I want to show how this is possible technically.

But it’s not illegal to lock your door at night. It’s not illegal to have a whispered conversation in a park. It’s not illegal to walk out of sight of a CCTV camera. It’s not illegal to carry cash.


There are some things law enforcement do not get to see and do not get to have, even with a warrant. That is how things have always been, and our society has yet to fall apart because of it.

– Sarah Jeong

A screenshot of the Sacred Ground onion site