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Professional portfolio

My best publically released projects and articles are listed below. You can also browse my projects and blog.

progfiguration Python, Configuration management
An infrastructure as code package I wrote from scratch and use to manage my systems.
keymap.click React, JavaScript, CSS
A project to show my keyboard, the layout I use, and how it helped my RSI. I learned React from scratch for this project.
Biblemunger React, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS
Make jokes with the King James Bible.
Technical Writing
A random failure: Problems upgrading Ansible and Python Writing, Retrospective, Analysis, Python, Ansible
A retrospective I wrote after causing an outage at work.
progfiguration documentation Writing, Documentation, Python, Configuration management, Sphinx
Documentation for progfiguration, my infrastructure as code package. About 15k words, including reference docs, tutorials, and examples.
lability-tutorial Writing, Documentation, PowerShell, DSC
A tutorial for building VM labs with Lability.