􀀂􀀟􀀍􀀅 􀀂􀀜􀀌􀀃 Public comment period open

I am trialing comments on the blog.

You shouldn’t really see this when interacting with it, but I found it amusing to name the comments server Disagreements.

Currently, authentication requires a GitHub account. This isn’t ideal, but it’s the easiest to set up. I’ll add more over time.

Future plans

I’d really like to support a federated protocol like email, which is possible with the current system but takes additional legwork I haven’t had time for yet. I would also like to add other identity providers like social networks and platform companies, modulo patience for dealing with annoying application processes to do so for each individual provider.

Further out, I’d really like to support both IndieAuth and Webmentions. Currently Remark42 doesn’t support these, so I’d have to replace or augment it.


I am using Remark42. It’s deployed to a https://fly.io app; see the details on GitHub.


Comments are hosted on this site and powered by Remark42 (thanks!).

Webmentions are hosted on remote sites and syndicated via Webmention.io (thanks!).