Interviewed by ZSA, the makers of the ErgoDox-EZ

I did a written interview with ZSA, the makers of the ErgoDox-EZ and other fine keyboards. I wrote my answers a couple of months ago, and the interview was finally posted last week!

Read the interview here.

It discusses how I’ve configured my desk and what hardware and software I use. I spend time talking about tendinitis, and, the site I built to show exactly how my ErgoDox helps me manage it. I also discuss using sound mixers, a KVM, Synergy, and USB switches to multiplex inputs and outputs.

It was fun to write. Throughout the process I spoke with Erez, the CEO, who was quite nice. They had an editor for what I wrote, and they showed me the rendered version of each revision as it would appear when published. They solicit these interviews – if you use their hardware and want to write about it, I’m sure they’d love to talk with you.