New project pages

I’ve added more project pages. Some are newly announced, and one is already abandoned but now has source code available.

  1. Ansible Extension Cookbook (website, project page, fontawesome/brands/github mrled/ansible-extension-cookbook): A perpetual work in progress of all the code I can publicly share that I've written to extend Ansible.
  2. Lightmarks (project page, fontawesome/brands/github mrled/lightmarks): An abandoned Pinboard client for iOS and Android written in React Native. I've just now released the code publically on GitHub, and I explain on the project page why I abandoned it.
  3. hugo-theme-cistercian (project page, fontawesome/brands/github mrled/hugo-theme-cistercian): I had written about this before on the blog, but it didn't have a dedicated page under projects. Now it does.

And look at my cool GitHub links. Based on existing inline SVG icons.