􀀂􀀟􀀍􀀃 􀀂􀀕􀀌􀀆 Fortunate

I have always liked the fortune command. Recently, I had ideas for new fortune databases.

Thus: fortunate, a repo that contains fortune databases and fortune-adjacent scripts.

The Invisible States of America

If you haven’t yet read THE INVISIBLE STATES OF AMERICA - A TOURISM GUIDE BY UEL ARAMCHEK, read it now and come back. It’s incredible. (Since 2015, I’ve actually named my computers after the states.)

With the kind permission of @ThePatanoiac, I’ve created a fortune database containing the whole travel guide.

Fortune databases from tweets

Some Twitter accounts write really cool microfiction, which makes excellent fortune databases.

However, I didn’t want to copy all their tweets and put them up on GitHub – they might not want me to do that, and besides, any fortune database I made this way would be instantly obsolete.

So I wrote a script that can generate such databases at will.

I highly recommend a few accounts for this in particular:

  1. @ctrlcreep
  2. @QuietPineTrees
  3. @TheDoorTHEDOOR
  4. @invisiblefonts
  5. @ActualPerson084


You can interact with it in the browser at https://unfortunate.micahrl.com


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