􀀂􀀟􀀍 􀀂􀀛􀀍􀀃 deskmx: Never unplug your headphones again

I have been working on a new project!

Two mixers, a headphone amp, and a mess of cables

Ever find yourself using three computers at once and wanting to hear sounds from them all? Tired of unplugging your headphones all the time to swap between professional work calls and questionable social behavior in MMOs?

I have three computers I use at my new home office1. I use an overly complex KVM and Synergy system to control them with one keyboard and mouse, but my sound system was woefully undercomplicated. This had to be fixed.

Now I’ve got mixers and splitters and a much nicer mic. I use hardware knobs to control volume. I can switch from work mode to game mode to taking personal calls all without unplugging anything, even the mic. Check it out!

Q: Wouldn’t it have been cheaper and (much) more time efficient to spend $100 on a nice headset for each computer?

A: Sure, you could do that, but then no one would read your blog post.

  1. Thanks, COVID! ↩︎


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