􀀂􀀟􀀌􀀃 􀀂􀀜􀀌􀀄 DEFCON19 - In my day, you just walked into a bank with a gun and got money

I really wondered what the Rio security people thought of fifteen thousand people in mohawks and weird clothes running around with lockpicks in their casino. Apparently the staff thought we were OK. The other patrons, not so much.

Lesson Learned: Never Ask Strangers About #DefCon - #Lulz Edition

“Bernie” - Retired, having a beer at the bar at the Rio

“I got the scoop from the bartender last night. You know those hackers on the news that keep breaking into shit? They are here and making their plans. They do this every year. I wonder what is next. Better not involve my bank because I’m retired now and I don’t have time for this crap. In my day, you just walked into a bank with a gun and got money. These guys don’t have the balls to do that I guess. Nobody has balls anymore.”

Some of these people sound like caricatures that you’d find in an RPG. I’m imagining going back and talking to any of them, only to hear the same dialog word for word.

Possibly this is funnier to me than it is to you.


“Juanita” - Waitress at a bar at the Rio

“It’s a group of hackers people from what I heard from my boss. They come here to party, right? I saw a dude with a green mohawk. That was pretty cool. Most of them tip okay.”

Go us.


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